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Teeth Whitening

     The KOR Whitening System was invented by internationally renowed cosmetic dentist and whitening science expert Dr. Rod Kurthy. Thousands of dentists around the world agree that KOR Whitening is by far the most reliable and effective whitening system ever developed. In fact, the KOR Whitening System is so effective, it is the only recognized whitening system that whitens even tetracycline-stained teeth in a short time (previously thought to be impossible). And now, these amazing KOR Whitening results are typically achieved with little to no sensitivity.

     The KOR Whitening trays are very different. They are thin and form fitting for maximum comfort. The trays can be worn in the evening or better yet while you sleep so as to not interfere with your busy day. Also, unlike regular whitening trays, KOR Whitening trays seal the whitening gel inside the tray, preventing the gel from quickly leaking into your mouth.

     Molds of your teeth will be made to fabricate your own unique, ultra comfortable KOR Whitening trays. You and Dr. Harris will select which level of KOR Whitening is the proper fit for you. You will normally wear your KOR trays at home for two weeks while you sleep. Depending on your selection, you may also have one or two simple whitening visits in the dental office.

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